Are you thinking about finding a surrogate without a surrogacy agency?


Usually, a surrogacy specialist can help intended parents to organize the surrogacy process, find a surrogate mother and give them support they need. However, there are some IPs who prefer to follow an independent surrogacy process, where IPS have to carry out most of the surrogacy journey on their own, make the appointments, surrogate mother reimbursement, coordinate travels, medical insurance,...

We talk about independent surrogacy as the surrogacy in which the Intended Parents and surrogate don’t use a surrogacy specialist / agency


There are advantages and disadvantages in pursuing independent surrogacy (without the help of a surrogacy agency)

The main advantages are:

It’s clear, there are many factors to consider when you start to calculate the cost of a surrogacy process and the surrogate mother cost. It is very important for intended parents to do careful think about all the process and consider the different surrogacy professionals (physician, attorney, agency, psicologis,…) they need to know if the process is economically right for them


If you choose not to use a surrogacy agency, the only specialists you will need are IVF clinic and attorney, so you can avoid some expenses as you don’t have to pay agency fees.

The main disadvantage are:


Some steps can be complex to coordinate if you are in independent surrogacy like to find the right match, find a good surrogate is key in this process.

Before starting You should have advantages and disadvantages, there are a lot of Intended parents that chose to go Indi and find a surrogate on their own.

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